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Piston Rings Komarov
Piston Rings Komarov
Piston Rings Komarov
Piston Rings Komarov
Piston Rings Komarov

History of company Piston Rings Komarov

Piston Rings Komarov is continuing in the traditional manufacturing of piston rings in Komárov, before known under Buzuluk brand.


In the year 596 - according to unverified reference from the earlier literature were iron works Comoravium (Komárov) established.


Historical and archeological documents prove ancient existence of an iron industry around the area, where today country town Komárov is located. It shows more than 550 years long tradition of Komárov iron works, predecessor of todays modern and worldwide known Piston Rings Komarov.


First production process at that time, as it is stated in historical entries, was foundry in the year 1460. This was begininng of several hundred years forming know-how, which enables us today, cast superb quality cast iron rolls.


In 1602 was Komárov manor including iron works sold to Jindřich Otta z Lossu. In 1623 countess from Martinic, Marie Eusebie bought iron works and join them to Hořovice manor.

Rudolf z Vrbna

In the second half of 17th century (from year 1690), were iron works held by Counts family from Vrbno. In year 1902 were iron works bought by C. T. Petzold a spol. and in year 1919 changes to joint-stock company with headquarters in Prague.


In year 1948 was company put under state control and from 1949 was named BUZULUK Komárov national corporation.

From 1992 became BUZULUK Komárov joint-stock company again.



History milestones:


1460 - official historical record proves existence of first iron works in Komárov


In the years 1828, 1829 and 1831 Komárovské železárny (Komárov iron works) awarded big gold medal for its products, especially for cast articles.


In year 1879 Komárovské železárny (Komárov iron works) took over production of round burning stove, army balls, pots and other commercial castings.


1881 - enamel works taken into own control, Komárovské železárny (Komárov iron works) became member of enamelled dishes manufacturer cartel


1898 - iron works started with enamelled bath production


1904 - rolls production bought from Prague company Kudlicz


1931 - development and first production of piston rings for combustion engine


1935 - negotiation with Macháň company about taking over of mill machines production to Komárov, production started in spring 1936


1937 - begininng of production of rubber calendering machines


1952 - production of rubber processing machines taken over from company Svit Gottwaldov (originally from company Baťa Zlín)


1996 - Buzuluk incorporates into company ČGS a.s.


2012 - Buzuluk company was acquired by company DALIAN (China)


2017 - Piston Rings Komarov s.r.o. was established as a result of demerger project of Buzuluk company


2017 - Hastings Manufacturing merges with Piston Rings Komarov