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Piston Rings Komarov
Piston Rings Komarov
Piston Rings Komarov
Piston Rings Komarov
Piston Rings Komarov

Exporter of the year 2016

Exporter of the Year 2016 - 2. place

In 2016 we achieved success in a competition called the Exporter of the Year in a category Medium-sized exporters, due to our production of piston rings, sealing rings and castings. The 22nd year of the Exporter of the year took place in the Kaiserštejn palace. The successful companies were awarded by Jan Mládek, Minister of Industry and Trade; Martin Tlapa, Deputy Minister for foreign affairs, and other members of Senate and Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament of the Czech Republic.


An increase in our export caused our transfer into the category Medium-sized exporters (100-500 mil. CZK) in 2016. We took 2nd place in this category. In 2015 we were 3rd in a category for companies with export between 50 and 500 mil. CZK. The annual participants of the Exporter of the Year are globally successful and competitive companies.



Piston Rings Komarov s.r.o.:

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Jan Mandlík

Hastings – Sales Manager EU
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