Piston Rings Komarov s.r.o. Hastings
Piston Rings Komarov
Piston Rings Komarov
Piston Rings Komarov
Piston Rings Komarov
Piston Rings Komarov
Piston Rings Komarov


Our continuous strategy is to be a reliable and helpful partner to a wide range of customers. We consider as very important to work with our customers in close cooperation, clearly understand their needs and provide them with such a products and services which will simplifying their lives and helping them succeed.


We develop new products to fully meet the requirements of our customers. We are and we want to continue to be a partner for our customers and important part of their progress. We seek a personal contacts with customers and business partners at all levels. We believe personal relationships and mutual confidence is fundamental to long-term and successful cooperation.


We want to create a friendly working environment with many different career opportunities and encourage professional growth.


We are also an important part of our region creating significant employment opportunities. Our work does not mean only growth and financial benefit to our shareholders, but long-term support of local organizations and associations. We care about the environment.


Thank you for your cooperation and opportunities.



Piston Rings Komarov s.r.o.:

Buzulucká 108
267 62 Komárov

ph: +420 311 575 111
e-mail: info-ZAVINOVADLO:komapistonrings.cz

IČO: 06143814
VAT: CZ06143814
DUNS: 495876171

Jan Mandlík

Hastings – Sales Manager EU
e-mail: jmandlik-ZAVINOVADLO:hastingsmfg.com

sales & logistic

ph: +420 311 575 345
ph: +420 311 575 544
e-mail: sales.ko-ZAVINOVADLO:komapistonrings.cz

piston rings SHOP

opening time: weekdays 6am - 2pm
ph: +420 311 575 433
ph: +420 731 515 259
e-mail: prodejnapk-ZAVINOVADLO:komapistonrings.cz

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