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Machined castings

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The production program of the company Piston Rings Komarov s.r.o. is also focused on CNC machining of castings. Not only own castings but also eventually purchased. (large castings, i. e. another material. aluminum, steel, ..).

With this technology, our company can offer the completely finished product, from its casting after finishing to packaging.


We offer to our customers even more machined parts of any assemblies which we are willing to assembly and eventually test and send in a place according to Customer requirements.

With our products we are currently the most successful in the automotive industry. These are the parts for mechanical and automatic transmissions.


  • Internal combustion engines
  • Car body parts
  • Car chassis
  • Gearboxes (shifting forks, gear holders, ..)
  • Different industrial parts
  • Parts for building and construction machines
  • Others


  • The Engineering industry
  • Automotive industry
  • Farming, Agricultural industry
  • Mining industry
  • Railway industry
  • Hydraulic systems
  • Road industry
  • Construction industry
Machined casting
Machined casting
Machined casting


Casting: casted by Piston Rings Komarov foundry (see castings), steel and aluminium castings delivered from sub-supplier


Machining: Vertical CNC 3-axis milling machine (possible upgrade to 4-axis machine)


Dimensions: Table size - 1050 x 550 mm. Max. dimension of casting: 1000 x 600 x 550 mm


Max. weight: max. 300Kg


Other: Maximum spindle speed - 12 000 rpm


Piston Rings Komarov materials:

Grey cast iron - Alloyed cast iron - Ductile cast iron - Steel

Cast iron castings of different material modifications in accordance with valid Czech and foreign Standards and according to the Customers' requests.

The initial materials in the area of special castings and also piston rings are in accordance with the CS Standard ISO 6621-3, classes 10,20 and 50,60.


Purchased material: according to customer requirements