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Piston Rings Komarov
Piston Rings Komarov

Announcement of the 2016 Car of the Year´s results

The 2016 Car of the Year included 30 nominated cars. However, only five of them were chosen by a jury to the final round. These were: Ford Mustang, Opel Astra, Subaru Levorg, Škoda Superb and Volvo XC90. The jury, consisting of expert journalists, announced Škoda Superb as the winner of the Car of the Year 2016.


Among other awarded were also suppliers of components of Škoda Superb. The awarded suppliers are now allowed to use the term Supplier of the Car of the Year.


The company Piston Rings Komarov s.r.o. (as a part of Buzuluk Inc.) was among the awarded companies due to its supply of piston rings in Škoda Superb cars.

Certificate Supplier of the Car of the Year


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