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Environmental policy

Environmental management

In compliance with the strategy of the company Piston Rings Komarov (as part of th company BUZULUK), prominent world manufacturer of piston rings, decided to introduce the environmental management system in 2001 and since 2002 the company is a holder of the international certificate according to ČSN EN ISO 14001. It defines the methods of company management reflecting prevention and continuous improvement of living environment.

Enviromentální politika
Iso 14001

Consumption of natural resources

The company Piston Rings Komarov s.r.o. influences the environment with its activity by direct acting. It has therefore been trying to have preventive approach and minimise the consumption of power resources, aiming at reduction of impacts to environment.


The company Piston Rings Komarov s.r.o. meets relevant legislative and other requirements in the sphere of energy management and, in compliance with worked out procedures measurements of power flows are monitored.

Consumptions of electricity, natural gas, potable and service water and coke are among the main environmental resources of the company Piston Rings Komarov s.r.o.


The consumption of electricity and raw materials in the company depends directly on the production.

All purchased materials used for the production purposes comply with relevant legislation and safety requirements for toxic and hazardous materials, as well as other relevant ecological requirements valid in the Czech Republic and EU.

Waste management

Production of wastes is among the most significant and important environmental aspects of Piston Rings Komarov s.r.o.

The procedures applies with the waste management are defined mainly in order to fulfil the below needs:

  • requirements of Act No. 185/2001 Coll. on Waste, and related regulations, as amended by later regulations
  • requirements resulting from EMS and ISO 14000
  • requirements resulting from technological needs
  • economically motivated requirements.

The requirements resulting from legislative regulations, other requirements and the series of ISO 14000 standards are fully respected and, where possible, mainly material utilisation of wastes is preferred (in compliance with the Waste Act).

All legal requirements, such as keeping of continuous registry of wastes, prevention of waste production, requirement for collection and waste collection procedures, performance of waste analyses and the obligation to hand wastes over for disposal or subsequent utilisation to authorised persons only is an absolute matter of course for Piston Rings Komarov s.r.o.

Chemical substances; REACH

Handling chemicals and mixtures in Piston Rings Komarov s.r.o. complies exclusively with legal provisions. Workers are regularly familiarised and trained in legal requirements and technical provisions for safe handling.

All chemicals that are contained in chemical compounds used in Piston Rings Komarov s.r.o. are regularly compared to the list of the Annex XIV REACH Regulation No. 1907/2006, as amended by later regulations, that lists substances the use of which subjects to the authorisation.


The European Chemical Agency (ECHA) issued and regularly supplements the list of substances of very high concern (SVHC) and these are compared to the list of substances used in Piston Rings Komarov s.r.o. All substances entering the subject that are registered in the Candidate list are customers are notified fully in compliance with Article 33 par. 1 of the European Parliament Regulation and Council (EC) No. 1907/2006 on the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of chemical substances (REACH).

Air protection

Protection of air is among the fundamental ecological issues that apparently affect human health and lives. The company is well aware of its commitment towards clean and healthy air and meets emission limits defined by the law on all air pollution sources they operate.

The act on integrated prevention and pollution restrictions represents for Piston Rings Komarov s.r.o. one of the substantial air quality management tools in respect of emissions from stationary sources.

Within the integrated authorisation the company uses the best air protection technologies available.


In their production activities Piston Rings Komarov s.r.o. operate the below technological sources in respect of air pollution:

  • Combustion of solid fuels
  • Ferrous metal foundries
  • Surface finishes of metals
  • Metal cutting
  • Coating applications

Protection of waters

The objective of water management is provision of sustainable management with limited water wealth of the Czech Republic.


Piston Rings Komarov s.r.o. is well aware of the responsibility for the local stream - Červený potok - that runs through the company premises and therefore is very strict in keeping high quality of discharged waters. Any potential sources of that stream's contamination are under strict supervision to avoid contamination of Červený potok and endangering water ecosystems. In the above sphere Piston Rings Komarov s.r.o. tightly cooperates with VaK Beroun a. s.


Emergency readiness and training of all workers in water protection are a matter of course.

On a long-term basis the company has been striving not to affect negatively surface and underground water by their activity. It pays constant attention to the systems of pre-cleaning and cleaning of waste waters, facilities for storage of chemicals and handling harmful substances. The quality of underground waters in the premises of Piston Rings Komarov s.r.o. is monitored regularly in hydrological boreholes.