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Piston Rings Komarov
Piston Rings Komarov
Piston Rings Komarov
Piston Rings Komarov
Piston Rings Komarov
Piston Rings Komarov

Quality management

The company Piston Rings Komarov s.r.o. has an established and certified system of the quality management according to the standards ISO 9001. It obtained this certificate among the first companies in the Czech Republic in January 1995.


The system of the quality management was established and certified according to the standards VDA 6.1 in 1998 - during the preparations for the delivery for the automotive company Volkswagen. Subsequently, the certificate according to the standards ISO TS/16949: 2009 for the automotive industry worldwide was established in 2007.


On request of the National Institute of Meteorology, normalization and industrial quality of Brazil, the company Piston Rings Komarov (as s part of company BUZULUK) established and has been the holder of the certificate according to the standards INMETRO since January 2013. This certificate is a precondition for the possibility of component delivering to the Brazilian automotive market.


Within the established system of the quality management, the company focuses on the team organization with the aim of continual improving of quality, productivity and shortening of the delivery terms, and it offers innovative technical solutions to their customers.

Quality Certificates:

ISO 9001:2008

Iatf 16949:

IATF 16949



Quality Policy

Politika kvality

Appreciation for quality of deliveries from Škoda Auto – year 1999

Ocenění Škoda Auto


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